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*Rememba my name*Rememba my face*Cuz there ain't no otha honey that can take my place* This day was a total waste of makeup... Marquee HTML Code
Some people call me a slut... They don't see how much it hurts me inside... What do you do when the world is against you? When nobody understands your pain? How is it that... It took me so long to realize... That all I've ever wanted and needed... Was right in front of me this whole time... Waiting patiently... For me to realize we were meant to be...
Liz Icenogle
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Filipino , Japanese , German , English
Location: Enumclaw, WA
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Height: 5'2"
Weight: 117 lbs.
Star Sign: Aquarius
Lucky #: 27

Boyfriend: Nick Van Horn
Girl I Hate: Christina
Fave Beer: Bud Light
Fave Weed: Green Hydro

Interests & Affiliations:
kickboxing, yoga, reading, swimming, moutain biking, dancing, parting, drinking, smoking, singing, chillin with friends, boxing, fighting, Blogging of course takes up a lot of my life, my perfect boyfriend

Favorite Bands and Artists:

About me:
Most important things to know about me... 1)I'm short. 2)I'll kick your ass at pool any day. 3)No... Scratch that, I'll kick your ass any day. 4)My friends could kick your friends' asses any day too. 5)I love drinkin, smokin, partyin, and even just lummin' it with peeps. 6)I love Muckleshoots, they sell me illegal stuff such as fireworks, minor bombs, booze, bud, and other drug paraphenilia. 7)I'm one of those few lucky girls who ends up dating her best friend. 8)My friends and family are real important to me.

Do I like to smoke the reefer?
Oh fo sho!

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Member since 2004-05-13 05:22:05
Last logged in 2004-12-11 18:34:32

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